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From around the world they come to New Orleans. Academic scholars, journalists, script writers, novelists, and history buffs are attracted by the diverse and invaluable resources of the Amistad Research Center on the Tulane University campus. The Center is a manuscripts library for the study of ethnic history and culture and race relations in the United States. While the focus is national, the holdings are international in scope. Researchers who use these resources find information about social, economic, and political history that leads to new interpretations of history.

Amistad is among the largest of the nation’s repositories specializing in the history of African Americans. Papers of African Americans and records of organizations and institutions of the African American community make up about 90 percent of the Center’s holdings. The other 10 percent, significant in number and content, contains documentation on Native Americans, Puerto Ricans, Chicanos, Asian Americans, European immigrants, and Appalachian whites. The Center also holds records related to other Protestant denominations, Roman Catholicism, and Judaism, as well as many more collections that are entirely secular in origin.




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Latin American Graduate Oraganization (LAGO) 2018 Conference: Call for Proposals

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The Latin American Graduate Organization will be hosting its 2018 Latin American Studies Conference titled Thinking of the Future: Expanding the possible in the Americas (Pensando en el porvenir: Expandiendo lo posible en las Américas) February 23 – 25, 2018, at Tulane University, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This year, the conference topic is meant to challenge academics and activists to move beyond critiques and recommendations of how to address modern days issues, and instead articulate a vision of and for the future.

The LAGO Conference welcomes all disciplines and all approaches, as long as the project attempts to grapple with the idea of building something better. This is a Latin American Studies Conference, but creative writers, journalists, artists, performers, organizers, lawyers and healthcare providers as well as graduate students and other academics are welcome. Proposals are accepted in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, and English.

Deadlines: Abstracts of papers and projects are due November 25, 2017. Abstracts of papers or project descriptions must not exceed 300 words.

Please contact with questions. For more information, visit the official conference website.