Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute

Tulane University

LARC Lending Library

How to Preview Materials

Standard Patron Policy

A preview period is built into your ordering process. You should receive materials a minimum of three days before your show date. If you need more than three days either request the item for a few days before you will show it through your show date (April 4-8 for example); or submit a request for the item for a date earlier in the semester and for your intended show date (Show date April 8th: Preview Request February 2nd). Summer is also a wonderful time to preview materials for the next school year.

Tulane/Loyola Patron Policy

Because of our convenient location on Tulane’s campus, Tulane/Loyola borrowers are allowed to preview 10 extra items per semester (up to three at a time) on the weekends in addition to the 10 items regularly allowed. Such requests will be available for pick up on Fridays after 12:00pm and must be returned the following Monday before 2:00pm. As always, this procedure is subject to availability and requires at least seven days advance notice to allow for processing. Please be sure to write preview next to these requests to ensure that they are not counted towards your regular 10 item limit.