Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute

Tulane University

LARC Lending Library

Requesting Materials

Requests may be made by mailed, faxed or submitted through our electronic request form.

(Important Note The electronic form is not currently available. Please submit your requests to the email address:

Remember, Standard requests must be received at least 3 weeks in advance of your show date and Tulane/Loyola requests must be received at least 7 days in advance of your show date.

Some further considerations when requesting materials are:

Scheduling – Some of our materials do take longer than a day to use. You may specify the entire period you need as the show date when making your original reservation. If you need an extension once you have already received the items, you must contact us within two days of the original show date (at least ten days before the due date). Confirmation – You will not receive confirmation of your order; we do not have sufficient staffing. We will contact you in writing (email, fax or mail) only if an item you request is not available. Feel free to call and confirm your reservation; but remember: no news from us is good news.


As mentioned above you will be notified if an item you request is not available for the dates you desire. You will then be given five days to either reschedule the not available item, or replace it with another one.

When to Expect Your Materials

Standard Borrowers

We schedule shipments to arrive at least three days before your show date to give you a chance to preview materials. If your materials have not arrived by 9:00 am on the third day before your showdate, contact us immediately. With three days’ notice, we can trace the package or send a duplicate by express service in time for you to use the items as scheduled.

Tulane/Loyola Borrowers

Your materials will be ready for pick-up the Friday afternoon before your showdate on the counter of the LARC office, located in Jones Hall, RM 100 I. Business hours are 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday excluding university holidays. If the LARC office is locked, please ask the secretary to let you in.