Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute

Tulane University

Marilyn Miller

Associate Professor and Chair - Spanish & Portuguese

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  • B.A., Biola University, English, 1983
  • M.A., University of Washington, English Literature, 1986
  • M.A., University of Oregon, Comparative Literature, 1991
  • Ph.D., University of Oregon, Comparative Literature, 1995

Academic Experience

  • Sizeler Professor in Jewish Studies, Tulane, 2017-
  • Associate Professor, Tulane, 2005-
  • Assistant Professor, Tulane University, 2001-2005
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, 2002
  • Assistant Professor, Catholic University of America, 1997-2001
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, 1998

Research & Teaching Specializations: New World and Trans-Atlantic Studies; Jewish Latin American Studies; Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures; Race and Hybridity; Caribbean Discourse; Francophone and Anglophone Literature; Slavery and Text; African Diasporic Literatures and Poetics in the Americas; Translation Studies

Related Experience

  • Co-Coordinator, Tropical Exposures: Photography, Film and Visual Culture in a Caribbean Frame conference, Tulane University, 2016
  • Resident Co-Director, Tulane Summer in Argentina, 2016
  • Resident Director, Tulane Semester in Cuba, 2012, 2015
  • Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Tulane University, 2009-2012
  • Member of Editorial and Review Boards for “Comparative Literature,” “Revista de Estudios Hispánicos,” and “Latin American Music Review,” “Latino Studies,” and the Palgrave Series in Latin American Music and Literature
  • Coordinator, Virtual Caribbeans Conference, Tulane University, 2008
  • Co-coordinator for the symposium “Re/Viewing the Revolution: Fresh Perspectives on Cuba, 1959-2009,” Tulane University, 2009
  • Director, Latin American and Latino Studies Program, Catholic University of America, 1997-2001


  • Sizeler Professorship in Jewish Studies, 2017-2020
  • Fulbright Flexible Teaching-Research Fellowship in Argentina, 2016-2017
  • Stone Center Summer Research Fellowship, 2012, 2013
  • Lurcy Research Fellowships, 2008, 2009, 2013
  • Yale University Library Research Fellowship, 2005
  • Deep South Regional Humanities Center Research Grant, 2005
  • NEH Summer Institute Participant, “The Invisible Giant: The Place of Brazil in Latin American Studies,” The Ohio State University, 2001
  • NEH Summer Institute Participant, “Roots: The African Background of American Culture, through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade,” University of Virginia, 1998


  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French

Selected Publications

  • Forthcoming. “Racial Pathology, Resistance, and Recovery in the Queloides and Drapetomanía Exhibitions.” Afro-Hispanic Review.
  • Forthcoming. “Movimiento y estasis en los viajes interamericanos de José Martí.” Boletín de Literatura Comparada 42.
  • 2017. “Roberto Diago and the Past in Present Times” ArtonCuba, September-November.
  • 2017. “El funyi de Gardel. Cada día luce mejor.” In Pasado de moda, edited by Regina Root and Susan Hallstead, Ampersand, 172-187.
  • 2016. “Sardonic Recurrence and Barking Dogs in Julio Cortázar’s Library of Tangos.” Hispanic Review 84(1): 1-23.
  • 2015. “Padura transatlántico.” A contracorriente 13(1): 105-27.
  • 2015. “Ringside with Cuba’s National Poet.” Hispania 98(1): 123-38.
  • 2014. Tango Lessons. Movement, Sound, Dance and Image in Contemporary Practice. Editor. Durham: Duke University Press.
  • 2014. “Introduction: The Tango Continuum” and “Picturing Tango.” In Tango Lessons: Movement, Sound, Dance and Image in Contemporary Practice. Marilyn Miller, editor. Durham: Duke University Press.
  • 2013. “Lives and Afterlives of José María Silva’s Gardel Portraits.” Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 22(4): 417-435.
  • 2010. “Reading Juan Francisco Manzano in the Wake of Alexander von Humboldt.” Atlantic Studies 7(2): 162-189. Special Issue, “Alexander von Humboldt’s Transatlantic Personae,” ed. Vera M. Kutzkinski.
  • 2008. “‘The Soul Has No Color’ but the Skin Does: Angelitos negros and the Use of Blackface on the Mexican Silver Screen, ca. 1950.” In Global Soundscapes. Mark Slobin, ed. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press. 241-257.
  • 2008. “‘Tengo de árabes noble descendencia’: orientalismo y el retorno al país natal en Zafira de Juan Francisco Manzano.” In Moros en la costa. Orientalismo en Latinoamérica. Silvia Nagy-Zekmi, ed. Madrid: Iberoamericana. 91-110.
  • 2005. “Slavery, Cimarronaje and Poetic Refuge in Nancy Morejón.” Afro-Hispanic Review. 24 (2): 103-25.
  • 2005. “Rebeldia narrativa, resistencia poetica y expresion ‘libre’ en Juan Francisco Manzano.” Revista Iberoamericana. LXXI (211).
  • 2004. Rise and Fall of the Cosmic Race: The Cult of Mestizaje in Latin America. Austin: University of Texas Press.

Recently-Taught Latin American-Related Courses: Jewish Latin American Cultural Expressions; Perfoming Latino Identities; Immigration, Migration and Exile in Latin America; Music on the Page, from Rumba to Reggaetón; Latin American Cultural Studies; Film and Literature in Latin America; Modern Readings in Spanish; Hispanic Cities: Buenos Aires; Hispanic Cities: Havana; Caribbean Realisms; El Caribe a Flote

Number of Dissertations or Theses Supervised in the Past 5 Years: 6