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Vodú - Voodoo - Vodou: Manifestations of Haitian Religious Practice in Cuba and New Orleans

February 10th, 2020
4:30 PM

100A Jones Hall

The Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute invites you to Vodú – Voodoo – Vodou, a pair of presentations on manifestations of Haitian Religious Practice in Cuba and New Orleans:

Cuba’s Haitian-Heritage Communities: Vodú, Religious Practice, Music, and Performance
Cuba has been home to a Haitian cultural community since the early decades of the 20th century. Immigrants from the nearby island brought with them their religious practices, their foodways, their dress, and their music and dance. Heidy Cepero Recorder explores the ways in which their descendants continue to practice a unique form of the Vodú religion, in which music plays a critical role. Presentation in Spanish with English translation provided.

La cultura haitiana ha estado presente en Cuba desde las primeras décadas del Siglo xx. Esa comunidad reprodujo en el nuevo contexto su religión Vodú, costumbres alimentaria y el vestuario, así como sus expresiones músico – danzarias. Actualmente el Vodú se practica por los descendientes de haitianos con características específicas donde la música tiene un papel fundamental. Presentación en espanol con traducción en inglés.

Presenter bio: Heidy Cepero Recorder is an assistant professor at the University of Arts Cuba, ISA, and a researcher at the Center for the Research and Development of Cuban Music, CIDMUC.

Expressions of Voodoo and Vodou in New Orleans
Haitian religion manifest in myriad forms in New Orleans popular culture. Grete Viddal discusses how we can interpret these appropriations of spiritual practice in local commerce and counter-culture.

Presenter bio: Grete Viddal is an independent scholar working and writing in New Orleans since 2015. She holds a Ph.D. in African American Studies from Harvard.




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