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Prytania Theatre to premiere documentary Out of Chaos: An Artist's Journey in Haiti

February 16th, 2019
1:45 PM

Prytania Theatre
5339 Prytania St.
New Orleans, LA 70115

The New Orleans Film Society, in collaboration with the Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute and Stone Center for Latin American Studies, is proud to announce the premiere of the documentary Out of Chaos: An Artist’s Journey in Haiti (Sorti du Chaos: un voyage d’artiste á Haiti) on Saturday, February 16, at the Prytania Theatre. The film will be shown in English and French, with French subtitles.

In this documentary, director and transmedia artist Pascal Giacomini spends a month in Port-au-Prince working with a group of Vodou practitioners and artists to collectively create large metal sculptures from recycled materials sourced from the trash on the streets. Their work, reborn out of rubble and transformed into something beautiful, mirrors the artist‘€™s own lively portrait of Haiti. With detours into a Voudo ceremony and a riotous Carnival celebration, the film focuses its lens on the island‘€™s celebrated artists, revealing a truly indestructible spirit.

Pascal Giacomini will be in attendance. Giacomini is an accomplished metal sculptor, functional artist, furniture designer and veteran photographer. Using metal, found objects, liquid resin, glass, wood, bronze and other materials, he creates indoor and large-scale outdoor sculptures, which have been exhibited, along with his photography, in public settings and museums throughout Southern California. The native of Paris, France, has been living and working in Hollywood, California, for over 30 years.

Presented in partnership with Krewe du Karnaval.




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