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Talk by Cuban film producer Claudia Calviño

April 12th, 2018

Greenleaf Conference Room (100A Jones Hall)

Talk by Cuban film producer Claudia Calviño

A conversation with independent Cuban producer Claudia Calviño (Havana, 1983), producer of the award-winning film Santa y Andrés, which premiered at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival and 2017 San Sebastian Film Festival, and won “Best Ibero-American Film” at the Guadalajara Film Festival in 2017. Calviño is a graduate of the Cuban University of Arts in Production. She is one of the founding partners of 5ta Avenida Productions, a company focused on independent film in Cuba since 2006. Her credits as Producer and Executive Producer include Juan de los Muertos (winner of the GOYA Award “Best Ibero-American Film” in 2013), and Melaza (winner among others of “Best Latin American Film” at the Málaga Film Festival and “Newcomer of the Year” at the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany in 2013). She has also produced the documentary features Habana Muda, directed by Eric Brach, and Hotel Nueva Isla, directed by new filmmakers Irene Gutiérrez and Javier Labrador.

The conversation will be led by Ana M. López- (Director, Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute) and Laura-Zoë Humphreys (Assistant Professor, Communication) and will address both a general assessment of what being a film producer in Cuba entails as well as Calviño’s personal trajectory as the most successful producer in the contemporary Cuban mediascape. Calviño has also worked as producer of several foreign films, another aspect of her career that this conversation will explore. More specifically, the conversation will also address how an independent producer functions in contemporary Cuba; the transnational connections and relationships that have enabled her career; and how new technologies and distribution networks impact upon and open new avenues for island-based film producers.

This event is sponsored by the Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute and is open to the public. Reception to follow.




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