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Update on on "Tropical Exposures" Conference Schedule Changes Day 2

March 11th, 2016

Due to the weather delay, the conference is rescheduled to the afternoon of March 11 in a different location. Sessions will resume at 12:15 pm in Newcomb Hall, building #74, campus Map available here. Rain is expected throughout the day so please be prepared for wet weather.

Session 1
12:00PM – 1:45PM

Panel I: Words and Images: Trans-representational Figurations in Narrative and Theater of the Greater Caribbean
Newcomb Hall 414
“Greeks in the Tropics: From Ancient Greece to Caribbean Theater” Ernesto Fundora, University of Miami (Moderator)
“‘There is no one language’ in the Caribbean: An Aesthetics of Multiplicity in Caridad Svich’s The Tropic of X”
Francisca Aguiló Mora, University of Miami

Panel II: Bodies, Spaces, and Caribbean Identities
Newcomb Hall 407
“Drag/Race in Havana: Transvestites, Publics and Mulataje” Alison Fraunhar, Saint Xavier University (Moderator)
“D’La Mona Plaza: on geographic trans-formations and dissolving islands” Jennifer Marline Rodríguez, Princeton University
“Embodying Afro Feminism: ‘Women Orishas’ Dance, (W)rite and Healing” Yesenia Fernández Selier, New York University

Panel III: Exposing the Caribbean in Film
Newcomb Hall 207
“The Caribbean in the Mexican Popular Imagination With Rhythms of Danzón” Rafael Hernández, Southern Connecticut State University
“The Synthesis of Mexican and Caribbean Identities in Arcady Boytler’s La mujer del puerto (1933)” Jaqueline Avila, University of Tennessee
“Double Exposures: Eyeballing and Framing in Thomas Edison’s Caribbean Films” Terri Francis, Indiana University (Moderator)

Session 2
2:00PM – 3:45PM

Panel I: La imagen en la literatura cubana
Newcomb Hall 414
“Postales y fotografías en la narrativa de Guillermo Cabrera Infante: la constancia de una presencia” Carlos Velazco, Essayist and Editor, Havana
“Las ruinas de la casa Borrero, daguerrotipos y retratos familiares: lo derruido finisecularcomo inspiración en La isla de las mujeres tristes” Elizabeth Mirabal, Essayist and Narrator, Havana (Moderator)
“Returning the gaze from the ruins: Zoe Valdés’ ‘Retrato de una infancia habanaviejera’” Krista Weirich, Indiana University

Panel II: Performing Bodies Resist Newcomb Hall 407
“Incorrect and Beautiful Anatomies: Becomings, Immanence and Trans Species Bodies in the Work of Roberto Fabelo” Christina García, University of California-Irvine
“La mirada ambiental. Ecología y postnacionalismo en el arte cubano contemporáneo” Désirée Díaz, Swarthmore College
“The Idea of Museums and the Atis Rezistans” Katherine Smith, New York University (Moderator)

Panel III: Cinematic Cubas Newcomb Hall 207
“Bad or Best Behaviour?: Childhood, Education, and Masculinity in Ernesto Daranas’ Conducta” Dunja Fehimovic, University of Cambridge
“Children in Recent Cuban Cinema” Omar Granados, University of Wisconsin La Crosse (Moderator)
“Soy Cuba: Sentiments of Movement” Liana Hakobyan, Purdue University
“(Dis)fronteras de una isla: Relatos del Estado-Nación cubano en representaciones cinemagráficas de la migración” Maribel Rivera Socarrás, Independent Scholar

3:45PM – 4:00PM Coffee Break

Round Table
4:00PM – 5:30PM

Round Table Discussion
Newcomb 207
Havana: Archives of the Future

  • Susan Lord (Queen’s University)
  • Victor Fowler (Independent Scholar; Havana)
  • Zaira Zarza (Queen’s University; Havana)
  • Jennifer Hosek, (Queen’s University)
  • Isabel Alfonso (St Joseph’s/New York)
  • Gretel Medina Delgado (Curator at the Centre for Development of Visual Arts; Havana)

Plenary Speaker
Virginia C. Beahan (Senior Lecturer in Photography, Dartmouth College)
Newcomb Hall 207
6:00PM – 7:00PM