Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute

Tulane University

New Webzine "Cuban Counterpoints" Launches

June 12th, 2015

Join us in cheering on the launching of a new webzine on Cuban Affairs!

Cuban Counterpoints is the public face of a scholarly community. It is a project linked to EthnoCuba, a network/group of Cubanist academics that includes residents from over fifteen countries, including Cuba and the United States. It is a group of academics with long histories of studious engagement with Cuban affairs. In recent times, many have called for making scholarship relevant to current events and for it to bear on every day understandings of the social world. Cuban Counterpoints is responding to this call at a time of rapid change in US/Cuban relations, and after a long stagnation in the two countries‘€™ mutual dynamics for over half a century. The contributors to this webzine have a lot to say and to share: to policy-makers, to travelers, to students, and to all those with an interest in Cuba as well as in current events. They come from different disciplines in the arts, the humanities and the social sciences, and aim to show that knowledge, differently from expertise, does not only serve to zero in an issue, but to open it up through different perspectives.

The Cuban & Caribbean Studies Institute’s own Director, Dr. Ana López, serves on the Screens section of the Editorial Collective, as well as on the Advisory Board. Tulane University is one of the supporting institutions for Cuban Counterpoints.

Feel free to visit their website for regular publications, and follow their Facebook page.